After their extraordinary (no pun intended) performance at the LXD tour earlier this year, the new Monuments record has to be one of my most anticipated for 2011. But it seems I don’t check Got Djent enough as there’s been plenty of studio updates and such that I’ve missed, most recent is one of guitarist John Browne playing through some riffs off the upcoming album. Colour me excited.


I knew he could play, being part of the always brilliant FellSilent, but if even half of those riffs make it to the album it should be amazing. More studio footage after the jump:


With upcoming releases from Monuments, Circles and Aliases, Basick Records are absolutely killing it this year. Also, anyone up for forming a band called Plurals? We can be post-ironic djent-core and wear nothing but flannel while ironically playing in 4/4.

– DL


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