Despite the fact that it’s been a really fucking slow news day (I guess everyone gave up on metal after hearing that Jeff Loomis has quit Nevermore), it’s been a really good day for the Heavy Blog inbox.

After three sweet doses of top drawer, you might be tired of checking out all the awesome new music we’ve got for you. Well MAN THE FUCK UP SOLDIER!

Now, you may ask what the hell kinda name Panic Candy is – and I’ll admit I was reticent at first – but I haven’t heard well done post-hardcore like this for a while; short, sharp, and to the point, with some experimental grid bits thrown in for good measure. There’s crunchy riffs aplenty, fevered screaming and furious drumming. BEHOLD:

We haven’t featured anything like this for a while I don’t think. Feels good, man.

– CG

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