Chris has called upon you guys to check out newer Basick Records signees Circles once before, but I felt it appropriate to remind you that their debut EP is coming down the pike this spring. Here’s a brilliant description straight from the PR blurbs:

Set for release via BASICK in Spring 2011, the band’s debut 6-track EP ‘The Compass’, combines musical influences from technically minded bands such as Periphery and Textures, whilst simultaneously drawing lyrical and vocal comparisons to the early works of Incubus and Faith No More.

They aren’t just blowing smoke up the asses of music enthusiasts—this is actually probably the most accurate official description of sound I’ve seen for quite some time. Come to think of it, the vocal work in Circles does seem to draw a subdued Mike Patton influence, which I can dig immensely.

Be on the lookout for Circles’ upcoming EP The Compass, which hits stores May 16th via Basick Records.

– JR


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