This time on Hits From The Inbox, we see a progressive instrumental band from Spokane, WA by the name of Odyssey. Their four track/26-minute EP Schematics was released for free last year, and if you’re looking for something that just so happened to be played by a trio of musicians instead of just one guy, then it looks like today is your lucky day; not that one-man bands aren’t great, but you can kinda get a group-vibe from something played by separate musicians, and Odyssey has it. Each instrument is vital, including moments where the bass takes the forefront, which doesn’t happen often enough in projects ran by guitarists. This isn’t your run of the mill djent band either; this has shades of classic tech and prog metal all over it.

Check out the EP below and download it by clicking through to bandcamp! It’s really quite fantastic, and you can’t beat the price tag (or lack thereof).

Be sure to keep up with Odyssey on Facebook! Tell them Heavy Blog sent ya!

– JR

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