It’s nice when we get to feature some quality music from countries which don’t usually get a lot of exposure. I don’t mean this to sound as patronising as it probably does, but what can you do.

This particular slice of awesome are Parára from Valmiera in Latvia. They’re a three-piece experimental/math band with 2010 demo to their name – but what I want to showcase is a video they recently shot of a more post-rock orientated track, “Just a Figure of Speech“.

It’s exceptionally well filmed (despite one of the camera operators having a broken leg!), and although it’s shot in a warehouse, it doesn’t feel clichéd as they use the space well, and it’s not just for BROOTAL EFFECT! Check it:

Parára – Just a Figure of Speech from Reinis Traidas on Vimeo.

I sure do hope Latvia has some more hidden gems like this – anyone care to enlighten us?

– CG


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