That’s right, guys. Guitarist Jeff Loomis and drummer Van Williams have departed from Nevermore. I guess this would explain them dropping off of the Symphony-X tour.

Here’s the skinny:

“In a mutual decision Jeff Loomis and Van Williams have decided to leave Nevermore. The time has come to pursue our own paths from the group. Due to internal struggles and ongoing issues within the band, we feel it is our time to move on. We would like to thank all of our fans around the world for their years of love, support and enthusiasm. This was not an easy decision but a very necessary one at this point, may we all meet again someday, somewhere in time.”

With all due respect to Van Williams, is there really a point to Nevermore if Jeff Loomis isn’t involved? For me, the guitar playing really made their music, and it would be hard to replace him. Nevermore without Loomis is kinda like Dream Theater without Mike Portnoy. It’s hard to imagine, and it feels kinda cheap when you think about it, but it’s going to happen, apparently. If Nevermore can survive losing two original members, then more power to them, I guess. Speaking of Mike Portnoy, here’s a job opening, dude. Hit it up!

Anyway, I wouldn’t call myself a Nevermore fan, but this news sucks. We’ll let you know if there are any updates on the matter. After the jump, watch their video for “Final Product,” from their 2008 album This Godless Endeavor.

– JR



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