(“Our fearless leader, Killtrox”)

So here’s a pretty cool compilation/side project. Killtrox And The Motherships is composed of vocalist Micah Kinard (Oh, Sleeper), guitarist Zack Ordway (Sky Eats Airplane), and drummer Travis Orbin (also of Sky Eats Airplane, and and ex-Periphery member too). The band are writing the music/lyrics from the perspective of a group of aliens blowing stuff up because they are pissed off. This theme leads to awesome/cheesy lyrics like “Fire photon torpedoes!” and music that sounds like pure, beautiful chaos. Now, you might be asking yourself, “What exactly does aliens blowing stuff up sound like?” and that’s a good question. Well here’s your answer, their debut song Area Fifty Done:




I’d say that they succeeded pretty well in capturing the sound of destruction. If you’re anything like me and you get occasionally hungry for spastic, technical music about aliens blowing stuff up, then be sure to keep tabs on their spacebook page.



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