Cause, you know, you’re all pale and sit indoors all day and stuff. Oh don’t look at me like that twinkle-toes, you know I’m right!

Far be it from me to break the habit of a lifetime though. In fact, I encourage you to stay, if at least for two more minutes, so you can help out the best unsigned band we’ve heard by miles this year.

Mighty Texan quintet White Arms of Athena are in the running for this month’s Hails and‘s Brutally Unsigned Band Contest, which puts them in the running for the following:

ONE BAND WILL WIN: (The band who receives the highest amount of votes)
A full page interview in our magazine, covering your band. We will also stream your newest release (as long as that’s okay with you) and post the interview on our website.

The EIGHT BANDS with the highest votes (not including the winning band) will be featured in our regular Unsigned feature section inside our magazine.

Pretty neat. Whilst not as prestigious as last year’s No Label Needed Contest, which saw Heavy Blog favourites Iron Thrones take the – well, throne, crown, and pointy sceptre of deserved recognition +1 – and this is a great chance for these guys to get some more exposure ahead of the release of their fantastic debut album Astrodrama, which is out at some time soon!

So go and give them a quick boost by voting here – they’re lagging a bit at the moment, but I’ll sexually gratify every last one of you that votes for them. I also hear the rest of the bands on the list destroyed an orphanage and sacrifice kittens to Lady Gaga on a regular basis*, so…you know.

Give them a listen below and prepare your bodies.

– CG

* may not actually be true

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