Even if you don’t like The Chariot‘s music, you have to admire their energy and spirit that they display in the above video. Apparently when playing a venue in Australia, a bowl of pears was knocked over, which apparently puts an end to the show. Apparently the venue owners didn’t get the memo that says Australians should be too busy worrying about the deadliest creatures in the world that inhabit their continent to cry over spilled pears.


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Pictured: Australia’s Highest Priority

Instead of letting the most un-hardcore thing ever put an end to their show, they immediately take the crowd to a fan’s house to finish off their set, putting on an intimate and chaotic show. If that isn’t something to admire, I don’t know what is.

So, watch the above video for one of the most entertaining tour update videos I’ve ever seen. It was just announced that The Chariot would be support on the upcoming Scream The Prayer tour, so if this isn’t a reason to finally make it out and see them when they make their next rounds, I don’t know what is. Long live The Chariot!

– JR

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