Alright, so the lineup for the Scream The Prayer IV has just been announced. As usual with a tour of this size, it’s a mixed bag, and you also have to consider that these are all christian bands, and therefore they are more likely to suck. However, I do believe that this year the good may actually outweigh the bad, unlike last year. Thank goodness. Lets have a look at the lineup shall we?


We have Norma Jean headlining. This is good. We all know that they put on a good show, and that their latest release Meridional was fantastic. Just under them, we have Sleeping Giant. They bring what I would consider to be pretty boring and generic hardcore, but I must admit that I have a soft spot for them because they seem to legitimately believe and live out the message that they preach, and that’s not something that I can say about the majority of christian bands out there.

Then there’s The Chariot. Oh, The Chariot. Another band that is great live, and their most recent effort Long Live is also a winner. I myself had the pleasure of seeing them play not too long ago, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them again. Next is War Of Ages, who play some pretty decent melodic metalcore. Nothing ground-breaking, but if you’re a fan of the genre then you’ll probably enjoy them.

Getting into the smaller bands now. From what I can tell, Close Your Eyes are pretty much a christian version of A Day To Remember. I don’t think I need to say anything else. Next we have everyone’s favorite Pennsylvanian christian metalcore act, August Burns Red! Oh wait, I mean Texas In July. Oops. Also, we have I The Breather, bringing a bit of sub-par sumeriancore to the bill.

I’m glad The Great Commission are playing early. That means their set will be short. If they were playing a later/longer set, I would probably be tempted to kill myself before they finished. I do however wish that As Hell Retreats were playing a later and more lengthy set. They put extended range guitars to good use, and should appeal to fans of After The Burial and such. Last summer my band had the privilege of sharing the stage with them, and they’re all very nice and down to earth guys. Lastly, Sovereign Strength sound just like The Great Commission, and I feel the same way about them.

In a nutshell, I would recommend showing up to this after the first 6 bands finish playing, unless you are a fan of one of them. Also, be prepared to put up with a whole lot of scene kids and hardcore dancing. Even though there’s a good amount of crap here, I still think that whatever the ticket price may be would still be worth seeing the later bands in the lineup, especially because they’ll get to play longer sets anyway.

The tour will be running from July 1-31, but specific dates haven’t been announced yet. Rest assured though, we’ll put them up as soon as we hear about them.

– PM


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