However, the song is pretty damn good.


My vocabulary fails me so I’ll just stick with brutal. Sounds like Dying Fetus if they still had a lot of the venom displayed on earlier releases and for those of you who couldn’t be bothered to watch the video I’ll give you a quick run down:

  • Man who looks like an ex-member of Combichrist finds tar monster
  • Man becomes tar monster
  • Brief cameos of Susan Boyle and Bill Oddie…

Not the worst video I’ve seen all year but it’s getting there, at least it puts a new spin on the ‘playing-in-a-warehouse’ music video by playing OUTSIDE a warehouse.  Either way, they’ve recently signed to Earache Records who have released the album digitally and in Europe but the North American release won’t arrive until the 7th of June.

– DL


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