You love Son of Aurelius, right? Of course you do. Well, you’ll be happy to know that Max Zigman and new vocalist for Son of Aurelius Riley McShane has a side project, which is called Smaragos.  Here is some info by the band themselves.

Constructed in the summer of 2010, Smaragos is a two-piece exploration of avant-garde cacophony. Partners in progressive, technical death metal giants Son of Aurelius, project architect Max Zigman and vocalist Riley McShane bring together influences ranging from the heaviest of heavy music to the most sublime of compositions of the last 700 years. Zigman assembles the mixture as both musician and studio engineer with exquisite attention to the details of recording, programming, mixing and mastering. McShane’s vocal stylings help define the musical and lyrical themes of the Smaragos sound.

Most awesome, indeed.  The band also makes use of Ivan Munguia (Brain Drill/Arkaik) for a guitar solo on “Scaphist“, as well as Alan Brown and Michael DeMartino for sitar and tabla solos, respectively, on the track “Furnace“.  You can listen to their self-released self-titled EP via their Bandcamp.  It costs $5 (SHOCKER! Having to pay for EP’s on Bandcamp!), but I assure you that it is well worth it.



– GR


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