Throw in the technical riffs of August Burns Red, mesh it with some ambient keys and orchestrations, throw in leads and sweeping that recall The Human Abstract as well as After The Burial, and top the formula with some powerful, intense drumming as well as odd time signatures.  What do you get?  Well, you get Hope For The Dying, of course!

Hope For The Dying (otherwise known as HFTD) is an American Christian metal band from Jonesboro, Illinois.  However, their sound spans so many different genres of music.  Here, take a listen to a single from their upcoming record, Dissimulation:


Pretty awesome, right?  Right.  You can also hear the track “Transcendon their official MySpace, which is an even better track, in my opinion.

The album Dissimulation will be released April 26th on Facedown Records.  Get your body ready.

– GR

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