If you’ve been paying attention to pretty much every metal site in existence at the moment, The Human Abstract’s comeback of ages Digital Veil has been garnering quite the acclaim. Its neoclassical inclinations, progressive riffs, and catchy breakdowns captures quite a broad appeal in the world of heavy music. Their song “Patterns” recently got the video treatment, similar in approach to their video for “Digital Veil”; The video isn’t special in and of itself, being a performance shot and all, but it’s easier to get people to listen to a new song if there’s some visuals accompanying the music, so any excuse to promote The Human Abstract’s stellar new album is alright by me.

Digital Veil is out now on E1 Records, but 99% of you already knew that—but did you know The Human Abstract are about to embark on a headlining tour with This or The Apocalypse, Scale The Summit, and more? If not, you can check the tour itinerary over at the newly erected (heh) tour website.

– JR


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