I feel that was quite important to put out there. Grabbed your collective attention, no? I am feeling super lazy, so here’s the press release:

Graviton features Sacha Dunable of progressive metal heavy-hitters Intronaut and members of the Californian band National Sunday Law.

Massless captures the more melodic moments of Intronaut’s most recent opus Valley Of Smoke with the post-metal and electronic elements of Jesu and the intricate rock styles of Failure and Alice In Chains. In total, Massless is a meticulously crafted masterpiece of ambient electronic fusion, shoegaze and melodic metal.

Intronaut, Jesu, and Alice in Chains. AWSUM. Get on it, kids.

It also looks like they’re fans of the Large Hadron Collider; scientific super-toy and alleged black hole creator, which is alright by us. I’m really liking the tunes, so make sure you check out the three they’ve got on offer so far.

[EDIT – I step away from the plate sick for one day and Metalsucks go and whack the whole album up for streaming. CHEERS VINCE. Gawd.]

– CG


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