I remember back in the day when I had an original Playstation. I had subscribed to the Official Playstation Magazine, and let me tell you, there’s nothing cooler than getting that demo disc every month. It’s a shame that kids these days won’t have much of that experience—I mean, who buys magazines when you can just read everything online for free? You don’t even need a demo disc; you can just get demos right to your console. That’s not as fun, man. But you have to pick your battles with technology, and it’s pretty obvious that the good outweighs the bad.

I get that I’m rambling like an old man. Let me remind everyone that I’m only twenty years old. Yikes.

I only mention that little anecdote because the demo version of Last Chance To Reason’s videogame companion to their new album Level 2 is now available (unfortunately sans nostalgic physical disc). The demo features the first track “Upload Complete.” The game is pretty interesting, basically taking you through a choreographed computer landscape to rack up points and to die the least amount of times possible. I suck at the vidya; I died a dozen times in my first playthrough. I had fun though! It’s basically Metroid meets Contra with a killer soundtrack, and if that doesn’t interest you, then you can go play Cawadooty with your bros like a poser.

You can download the demo right here at LCTR’s blog. It’s like 8 megabytes, so you’ll be enjoying it in no time! Level 2 is out now on Prosthetic Records, and it is quite amazing!

– JR

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