Forward Into Regression


01. March Forward (Into Regression)
02. Strain
03. Plague Domain
04. Stagnation Routine
05. Devoid Of Allegiance
06. Drown In Black Matter
07. Body Weapon
08. Swine Swallower
09. Conform To Deform
10. Etched In Granite
11. Salient
12. Solace Through Self Annihilation
13. Hand Of The Overseer
14. Failure King
15. Gaiares
16. Blood Of The Luddite


I’ve been going on about Maruta quite a lot lately so it’s about time I got round to reviewing it. There’s no reason for the relative lateness of this review other than the fact that 2011 has produced way too much great music all at once and you can definitely add Forward Into Regression to that ever growing pile.

First impressions with up-tempo music like grind can be very important, it’s very easy to put on an album like this and just allow the ferocious attack to fly casually over your head. One of the best ways to combat that it is to lead with your best or, in other words, open with something completely eye opening and that’s one of the places where Forward Into Regression really shines. If you are in any doubt about whether Maruta is for you then seriously try the first three tracks – they provide a definitive run down of the remaining 24 minutes of the album. That kind of makes it sound like I’m condemning this album to being rather repetitive but, to be honest, are there really that many bands in grindcore that thrive on variation?

The Maruta formula isn’t complicated really, for every time you grind just throw in a tech-death riff. “March Forward (Into Regression)” and “Plague Domain” are non-stop assaults in every form; the guitars weave some fairly dexterous riffs around relentless drumming and top it all off with a filthy production. Not in the unintelligible way that might instantly spring to mind, the guitars have a sort of full sounding ‘crunch’ to them that you might expect from a modern day Napalm Death album and while the some of the drum fills become quite lost and muddy in the mix, the bass drums and cymbals cut through the dense sound very nicely. As for the formula, it’s definitely a formula similar , there isn’t much let up on Forward Into Regression despite the now obligatory ‘grind-goes-doom’ song in the form of “Failure King“.

But one of the most interesting things about Maruta is that they have this uncanny ability to throw in something attention grabbing the minute you start to lose interest in them. Take for instance the introductions to both “Devoid Of Allegiance” and “Body Weapon“, they’re both very small additions to the album as a whole, but they appear just at the right time and veer the music back on track. Looking at the bigger picture though, it’s these parts that really make the album as there’s no real killer songs other than “Strain” and I guess that changes the way it should be heard. If I had to make a recommendation, I would say listen to this whole album in one sitting before writing it off. Seeing as Forward… is just short of half an hour long then that shouldn’t be too hard, but in my opinion the intent of it works much better in full rather than single songs.

So where do I really stand with Forward Into Regression? Well it’s a very good album, but it’s just not enough to put them up there with the best of the best of grind. There’s some great riffs and some very impressive musicianship, but it’s all bogged down by some throwaway parts that just seem to go by unnoticed. If you’re a fan of Maruta already or bands like Kill The Client or even just grindcore in general, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed but if you’re looking for an entry into either I’d say try their debut In Narcosis instead.


Maruta – Forward Into Regression gets…




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