So I’ve been guilty of restricting myself to a select few genres with this column – those of which I know a fair bit about. You can’t really blame me – write what you know and all that – but it’s about high time I got my grim on and showed some love for the gnarlier bands from our fair shores – you know, those who drink their tea black and would gladly kick David Cameron’s Tory ballsack right back to Eaton.

First up are Scotland’s Cancerous Womb, a death grind band from Edinburgh. Rather topically, they are releasing a five-way split on May 23rd on Condate Records, featuring previous BoB-featurees Colonel Blast. The following track, “Torn from Gunt to Cunt“, is part of their contribution. The name says is all really.


Fucking. Disgusting. I actually can’t wait.

– CG

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