So my copy of Last Chance To Reason‘s Level 2 came in the mail on Saturday afternoon. Needless to say the first thing I did other than pop it in my computer was read the lyric book. After taking in as much of the excellent lyrics as possible (I had to sing along – don’t judge me) I began to read the liner notes:

Read through that. If you can’t spot it I’ll give you a hint where you should be looking: the last line to the far left. Among other big name sites like our bros at Metal Sucks and Metal Injection, Heavy Blog Is Heavy is mentioned among them! How fucking cool is that?!

We gotta give a huge shout out to Last Chance To Reason. It means a lot to us to be mentioned in the ‘thank you’ section of such a monumental release like Level 2. We’re very flattered. Thank you!

You can pick up Level 2 tomorrow and most definitely should. The album will easily take a high spot on my top albums of 2011 list, perhaps even taking home the gold.

If you don’t happen to know what they sound like, you can check out some of their spectacular futuristic prog-metal after the jump.







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