Right on the money, as reported last month, Cave In will be releasing their new album White Silence to coincide with their small run of shows this May – centring around their Krazy Fest 2011 appearance in Louisville, KY.

Not-always-but-usually right Amazon has it down for May 24th, with the following track listing:

01. White Silence
02. Serpents
03. Sing My Loves
04. Vicious Circles
05. Centered
06. Summit Fever
07. Heartbreaks, Earthquakes
08. Iron Decibels
09. Reanimation

Vicious Circles” and “Summit Fever” were actually on the DVD that came with their last release, Planets of Old, and the band have been playing “Centered” live since last summer – catch it after the jump, and catch samples here.

Thanks to Vince and the Metalsucks readship for the heads up.


– CG

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