Yesterday, Uncle Vince over at Metalsucks admitted to his neglect of the new Believer album, and atoned for it by spreading the good word. Much like Vince, I too have yet to listen to the new Believer album Transhuman—probably because I had actually never heard of them in the first place until yesterday. Turns out, the band are signed to Metal Blade, whom we have been getting promos from for quite some time. How the hell did this get past me?


Turns out, Transhuman is due out next week. The email that mentioned the band’s new album also featured two other albums, one of which was the new Between the Buried and Me EP. I must have overlooked it in my excitement. Oops! Thanks Vince!

So that makes two great proggy releases hitting via Metal Blade next week? HAVE MERCY.

– JR


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