Gooooood morning Vietspam! Yes, your regular does of Limey goodness returns after completely forgetting my shit for the last two weeks. Prog-Metal March was clearly far too exciting and amidst all the fun and games I figured you probably wouldn’t miss me. Tuesday was my bad, but never mind.

SO. Today’s recommendation comes to you from Josef ‘Brownbear’ Wherry, who cites Sylosis‘ most recent album Edge of the Earth as “easily the best British record of the year so far. Except TesseracT of course,” and so we’re giving him dues and making sure they get a bit of exposure over here. We’ve been lax with a review, but it was a busy month, so pipe down a bear with us.


The song itself is recommended by heavy bro Angry Metal Guy, who names it one of the “8 minute long musical jewels” of the album. Good enought for me!

– CG

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