Having an emoticon in the post title is amateurish as can be, but this is sad news, so I’ll let it slide this time. Horns of the Devil, one of my favorite websites, has closed its doors this weekend due to a heavy workload. Apparently, it’s becoming a trend after Cosmo Lee decided to step away from Invisible Oranges and Grover from The Number Of The Blog being barred from the internet while at work. It’s all sad stuff, but I can sympathize; I’ve neglected quite a bit of school work to take care of business here at Heavy Blog. It’s always a drag when passionate people have to give up on their creative outlet to take care of their personal lives and careers. Needless to say, being a responsible adult sucks.

Here’s the final word, via Facebook:

It’s been a lot of fun, but then, a lot of work. Too much work, too little time, so I had to pull the plug. That being said, if anyone is interested to pick it up and keep it alive, I can give you the website’s source code along with the database. For privacy matters, I will delete user’s comments/email addresses, but everything else is backed up and ready to resurrect under a new management!

At any rate, there’s still some hope. Phil from Angry Metal Guy has expressed interest in taking over, so if he’s able to bring it back, it would definitely be in good hands! Hopefully he can make it work. I’m definitely interested in extending help as a contributor by compiling reviews and picking excerpts, so if any help is needed, be sure to hit me up at mail(at)heavyblogisheavy(dot)com!

[via That Devil Music]

– JR


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