After a tragic few years, Decapitated are finally taking steps to reclaim their crown as one of the best death metal bands around. If you weren’t aware, they were involved in a truly horrible bus crash in 2007 which resulted in the hospitalisation of former singer Covan and the unfortunate death of drummer Vitek, who was an amazing talent taken way before his time. With guitarist Vogg being the only remaining member from before the incident, it’s easy to see why people would be worried about the Decapitated legacy, but I’m familiar with Vogg’s Midas touch, so I’m sure it will be another welcome addition.

According to an update on the bands facebook page, the new album is complete and while I can’t find any release information, I assume it will easily be out in the next few months. In the meantime, you can help me! Check out this video and tell me what you think, it claims to be a video of a new Decapitated song live and it does look like them but it doesn’t quite sound like them to me.


Nearly 90% sure that’s the right logo but as there’s no reference to this anywhere else, you can see why I’m skeptical.


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