That’s Not Metal, a fellow blog dedicated towards advancement of the metals, is basically the Maddox (who’s site is currently under a clever and spot-on April Fool’s makeover) of metal blogs. I tried my hand at the combination back when I ran my series “Things That Are Fucking Metal,” which gathered a lot of good feedback. Unfortunately, there’s only so much I could write about, as I’m not filled with as much hatred as is required. That’s Not Metal does it quite well though—better than my run with the style! Filled with both from the heart (and gut) observations and overblown metalness, the site’s tagline in “A Blog For The True Metal Elitist in All Of Us (Except the poseurs)” and the About section sums it up:

You are inferior. Your taste in music, the actions you take, and the way you present yourself all make you an inferior person in the eyes of true metal. That’s Not Metal is here to tell you why, and what you can do to better yourself and grow out of your unmetal ways in the pursuit of achieving True Metal Redemption.
Become superior; visit That’s Not Metal!

– JR

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