Whilst making my daily rounds this weekend over at The PRP, I came across the headline “Asking Alexandria’s Seattle, WA Show Derailed By Intoxicated Frontman, Footage Available.” Obviously, I had to click through to see the video (above) so I could have a good laugh at the expense of the most generic and awful metalcore band in existence today. Instead of hearty laughter, I was actually more concerned than anything else. Alright, so not all metal bloggers are cynical assholes; I do major in social work after all. Let’s break down the video’s events, in case you didn’t want to watch the video.

Frontman Danny Worsnop is obviously sloppily drunk, berating the crowd and staggering around stage. The crowd, having had enough of his bullshit, start calling him a “drunk piece of shit.” He continues to berate the crowd before guitarist Ben Bruce mans up and asks the crowd if they would support them if they were to put Danny in rehab, which was met with applause. Ben thanks the crowd, tells Danny to fuck himself, and they continued on with their set despite Danny’s behavior. The concert later devolved into having Danny removed from stage and having a fan perform vocals.

Here’s what Danny had to say on Facebook:

“I’m sorry Seattle! Tonight wasn’t right. I’ll be back making it up to you. I’m a fucking idiot. I should never blame my actions on my relapses but tonight made me realize I have a problem. I for the first time in my life want to fix myself. I now know what regret is! I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

I’ve relied on drugs and drinking to feel alive. I can’t do that anymore. Tonight was evidence it’s not me. I can’t do it anymore. I love you all and I’m so sorry I’ve let you all down. Hopefully I grow to have some sort of compassion to myself. I live for self-destruction and that’s wrong. Nothing changes when you’re killing yourself with poison? I love you all and I hope you can forgive me.

I am officially quitting drugs and drinking, here and now. I want to clean up and sort my fucking life out. I’ll never stop hating myself until I stop killing myself.”

The band has also announced that they will return to Seattle to perform a free show.

Despite what your opinions are of Asking Alexandria, the way the band handled the situation is quite admirable and takes quite a bit of humility. Good on their guitarist Ben for stepping up and putting Danny in his place. Alcoholism is a serious problem, and I’d like to hope that Danny is sincere with his announcement and rehab instead of a PR attempt at saving face. While I strongly dislike the band’s music, I wish him the best and hope he recovers. The dude is obviously young (he can’t be more than a year or two older than me) and the band is often marketed as an “edgy” and “wild and crazy” group, but if this sort of behavior continues, he could end up like Avenged Sevenfold‘s James Sullivan or Slipknot‘s Paul Gray, who both had drug related deaths in recent years.

And let’s be honest, what kind of person wishes death on someone because they play terrible music? It’s childish and trivial, and anyone who proudly carries that mindset can get the fuck out of my office. This is someone’s son, friend, and brother, and while it’s good fun to watch a band you dislike have a show derail, there’s a serious issue at heart here. You can see more video from the show over at ThePRP. Asking Alexandria’s new album comes out this week, but I wouldn’t recommend it. At any rate, let’s hope he makes good with his promise and cleans himself up.

– JR


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