I don’t usually hate on bands just for the sake of hatin’, especially bands that I actually enjoy (yes, I am among the minority here at HBIH who calls himself a Suicide Silence fan), but I stumbled on  the below video of Krank TV’s ‘Day in the Life of Chris Garza’ and I couldn’t help but post it here:


The thing is just amazingly, awkwardly, hilariously bad the entire way through and bursting at the seams with laughs. Highlights include:

-When the Krank guy asks Garza about his guitar inspirations, he cites Dimebag Darrell, Munky(!), and Jimi Hendrix as his top influences. He goes on to say that “Munky and Jimi Hendrix” are his top two guitarists ever.  Let that sink in for a second. MUNKY…. and Hendrix. Sorry dude, I fully agree with you on Hendrix-I think he’s the best guitarist ever to walk the earth. But putting him in the same breath as Munky?? from Korn?!? I used to be a Korn fan, but come ON.  I don’t even know what else to say about that….

-When Chris is jamming out on some new Krank amp, the interviewer/Krank amp guy tells him his tone is a lot like Dimebag’s used to be. Then, of course, this compells Chris to break out the riff from “Walk”. Ugh, barf….you really telling me that Chris Garza, the rhythm guitarist for one of a million deathcore bands out there,  sounds like the one-in-a-million Dimebag fucking Darrell, dude?

Like THIS guy?!


NOPE. Quit shitting on the legend’s legacy with these comparisons please.

I know it’s Krank’s job to wine, dine, and pretend to worship the artists they are courting. But man, they are so awkwardly and blatantly failing at it that it makes me wonder if filming this shit is doing everyone more harm than good.

Anyway, Suicide Silence’s new album is due out sometime this summer if any of you care.



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