Yeah, we couldn’t resist, and it had to be a classic too.

Yes, the first post of the day was a big fat April Fool’s joke. There is no such drive. There is no such list. There is no such organisation.

Your first clue was in the organisation’s name. The Local Musician’s Armada Online doesn’t exist. The keen-eyed amongst you will have noticed that the group’s acronym would be LMAO. Lmao indeed.

If that didn’t twig you, then the from ‘Ricky A’ might have:

We’re no strangers to this growing menace. More and more, hard-working bands are being forced to hang up their instruments due to decreased revenue and the financial constraints that causes.

You know the rules. You wouldn’t tolerate this from any other criminal. We’re never going to give up and desert these victims, and although we’ve known about this problem for so long, we’re no longer going to be shy about sorting it out. We know your game!”

All it needed was a resounding “never gonna give you up!” and the jib would have been up. Any who cared to follow the link would have been resoundingly rickrolled, and to top it off, the two post-jump tracks were “April” by TesseracT and “The Fool” by He Is Legend – if that didn’t bang the nail through your morning cup of coffee, then I’m afraid you deserved every prank played on you today, good sir/madam.

Okay, so it wasn’t that clever a ruse, but bare in mind I did this late last night when I should have been asleep, like I probably am now. YOU TRY AND BE FUNNY WHEN YOU’RE COUGHING AND SNEEZING LIKE A JUNKIE WHO’S MISTAKEN HIS PEPPER SHAKER FOR A COCAINE RESERVOIR!

We’ll try harder next year, promise.

– CG


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