Here we begin our journey into the logos that make me proud to listen to metal. I would wear these logos on a tshirt at the gym and the beefcakes bullies would be so intimidated that they would stop making fun of my Yogilates X-Treme Kegel Blaster routine (patent pending). Here are the best scratchy band logos, 10 through 6.


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To be completely honest, this logo is not that great. However, in high school I thought that it was the most badass thing on the face of the planet, so I am including it for nostalgic reasons. This is my list and not yours, suck it. That being said, the R is magnificent with it’s insect-like descender. I also greatly enjoy the E’s and H’s. I’ve always found the D’s to be a little bit awkward. High school me always did pretty well though, so he had to know one or two things right?



This logo absolutely terrifies me. In a genre of music where the idea is to be as evil sounding and looking as possible, this logo truly succeeds. Sure it’s a little over the top but that only adds to it’s effectiveness. Analyzed from a high design perspective, it falls apart at the seams, but this logo is all about the initial gut reaction.

The first thing I think of when I look at this logo is the bugs from Starship Troopers. but not in the campy way that the movie presents them. I think of what it would actually be like to get dropped onto a planet and have to go into a cave filled with spiky, overgrown insects. Needless to say, I would be peeing my pants and praying for a swift rescue from Captain Zim (and a warm bath with Denise Richards).


The Boy Will Drown was recently featured in a post on Heavy Blog. Little did everyone know that in a few weeks I would also be throwing a kudos their way for their awesome logo. Full disclaimer, I can barely read this logo. It may not even say the bands name. I will even admit that it is a little bit imbalanced, which peeves me off to no end, as you will see by the end of this series. What I like about it though is how dense and in your face it is, it’s similar to staring directly at an exploding firework that a drunk friend has fired into your grill. I’m a big fan of the difference in scale between the first words and ‘Drown’, it makes the whole thing more dynamic. I’m not usually a big fan of gratuitous branches and textures, but here it works very well.



Let’s get the negative out of the way, I don’t like the droplets coming off the last O, and the Y is weaker than a slice of pizza with no cheese. However, I like the contrast between thick and thin in the letterforms and how the artist achieved a great sense of verticality in a very horizontal format. Highlights include the B’s and the W. Furthermore, in my experience J’s are really hard to pull off and this logo contains one very commendable J. The best part of the JFAC logo is that there are very few extraneous elements, no unnecessary spikes, swirls or splatters (except the one). It manages to look evil and dangerous without resorting to cheap tricks.



I enjoy the way that the letters bend back and forth in the Iwrestledabearonce logo. It’s an interesting way of separating the words in the band name so that it can be read easily. Unlike a lot of other logos, I think whoever created this one put some real effort into the splatters. They are well placed and fairly unique. Like the JFAC brand, there’s a nice variation here between thick and thin. Plus it looks awesome in that putrid green colour.



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