Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation

Kakusei EP

1. 境 -Sakai

2. Nightflesh

3. 全盲 – Zenmou-

4. 砂上 -Sajou-

5. 焦燥 – Shosou-

6. 虚言 -Kyogen-

[Self Released]

FID are most widely known for their two strange characteristics. One being that at one point they were all female, and the other being that they are from Japan. When 4 adorable Japanese girls get together you don’t expect this sound to come out. For the unfamiliar people to their sound, they play a dark, unrelenting, and bassy deathgrind. In 2008, they adopted some bald guy named Ben on guitar since their previous guitarist had to leave.


Fear the brutality.

The new EP almost follows in a similar way to their previous sound. Each song is fast, loud, short. The guitars still have a sludgy tone, the bass is even punchier and more present than before, and Makiko’s vocals are still over the top awesome. The new addition to their sound though, is the more upbeat progressions in some of the song that remind me of old school punk. I never cared for straight up punk, but infused with this flurry of grind it manages to win me over. The best part of this release is that it has an almost perfect blend of death metal and grindcore influences. It really touches in the middle. The sludgy and hard hitting guitars along with the low grunts give this album it’s death like punch and low end, while the bass, drums, and high pitch shrieks make up the furious grind assault.


None of the songs really stand out from another. They build up, go, and then stop. I have no qualms with this especially considering what they’re playing. My biggest disappointment with this is that there just aren’t enough riffs for my taste but that’s about it. This small release clocks in at just under 10 minutes, so surely it won’t take much time out of your day to check it. Grind fans will like it, and people that don’t like grind surely won’t be swayed by it. That’s all that really matters though.

Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation – Kakusei gets…




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