Remember We Are The Illusion? You should, jerks! They released a kickass EP The Podium of Lies last year for free which rivaled bands like Born of Osiris and Circle of Contempt. They’re certainly cut from the same cloth as the good half of the Sumerian Records roster, so check them out if you’re into that style of music.

We Are The Illusion announced a new two-track EP Echo/Nine Circles, to be released May 10th on their newfound home of Famined Records. You can listen to some samples of the new music in the promotional teaser above. I’m excited to hear the rest of it, but a two-track EP? New music is super sweet and all that, but I’m jonesin’ for a full length from these dudes. Someone make it happen!

If you haven’t, you can listen to The Podium of Lies after the jump!

– JR


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