Erik Rutan is finally back, bringing with him another album’s worth of brutal death metal. While I wasn’t a huge fan of Fury And Flames, I, Monarch still remains as one of my favourite death metal albums ever so I will always at least check out the new stuff. Pheonix Amongst The Ashes will be released on the 10th of May through Metal  Blade, and by the sounds of the freshly released track “Haunting Abound” it harks more towards the earlier albums – but by all means decide for yourself.

As always, tracklisting after the jump.

01. Rebirth
02. The Eternal Ruler
03. Thorns Of Acacia
04. Haunting Abound
05. The Art Of Redemption
06. Phoenix Amongst The Ashes
07. Deathveil
08. Hatesworn
09. Lake Ablaze
10. The Fire Of Resurrection

– DL


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