Sumerian Records recently dropped word of a collaboration album being made with Sumerian Records artists under the name Sumerian Nation. I’m running under the assumption that it will be similar to Roadrunner United and Nuclear Blast All-Stars collaborations where a hodge-podge of different artists from Sumerian-signed bands write songs together. This could be both great and lackluster—the Sumerian roster has a few unsavory bands tucked into the fold, to put it lightly. Here’s a list of bands signed to the label.

After The Burial
Animals As Leaders
Asking Alexandria
Bizzy Bone
Born of Osiris
Circle of Contempt
Conducting From The Grave
Enfold Darkness
The Faceless
I See Stars
I, The Breather
Lower than Atlantis
Stick To Your Guns
Stray From The Path
Upon a Burning Body
Veil of Maya

Obviously, The Faceless and Periphery could write a hell of a song between them, but Asking Alexandria and I See Stars coming together on a song could spell disaster. We’ll see how it goes, as it’s pretty split even as far as ratio of good bands to bad, but I’d like to think there’s a high volume of talent on board.

Keep an eye out for more information. This is an interesting idea, and I’d like to hear more about this.

– JR

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