I’ve always thought metal and cooking make a great combo. Yeah sure, headbanging is incredibly dangerous whilst you’re trying to flambe your steak diane but isn’t that the point? IT’S MANLY. So by extension I love the Cooking Contaminated shows on MetalSucks and the lastest one with Chubbs from Javelina is amazing, so much bacon!

But more to the point, near the end of the video Chubbs talks about the upcoming Javelina record which I haven’t heard anything about anywhere else. Personally I thought Beasts Among Sheep was easily one of the better records of 2009 so I’ve been waiting patiently for the follow up and it looks like we may see it later this year. Also, a little bit of Youtube trawling found me this live video of a new song, ‘On Graves‘ from their recent tour with Eyehategod and, for lack of a better term, it rocks pretty hard.





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