Islander over at No Clean Singing reckons that Agalloch, who released the awesome Marrow of the Spirit towards the end of east year, put on one of the finest things live performances in metal – that kind that you never want to end:

“I’ll say it briefly, but from the heart: I’ve never heard live metal better than Agalloch’s performance. A very few shows I’ve seen are in the same league, but none has been better. It was a long set — one that began at midnight and lasted almost an hour and a half, but I still wasn’t ready for it to end. I was dazed for long after the show ended.”

Don’t believe him? Well here’s a couple of sweet jams to make up your mind: “Into the Painted Grey” and “In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion”, from a show at Poisson Rouge in NYC this Tuesday just gone. It’s a long one, so get settled and enjoy.

– CG


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