Believe it or not, Bring Me The Horizon‘s latest album Hell…/Heaven… (I’ll be damned if I’m typing out that entire pretentious album title, just google it) was actually pretty good! The production on it was undeniably glorious and the musicianship reached a new level of maturity. The only problem I found with the album was the weakest link frontman Oli Sykes, who has some pretty dumb lyrical moments. One of those moments happens to be in their latest single “Blessed With A Curse.”

Ever since this began, I was blessed with a curse.
And for better or for worse I was born into a hearse.
I know I said my heart beats for you. I was lying girl, it beats for two.
Because I got your love and I got these vices.

Kill me.

Obviously any sort of ballad from BMTH is going to be dripping in angst, but the song itself isn’t all that offensive from a musical standpoint. It also doesn’t really represent the album all that much, even in terms of softer songs—“Don’t Go” is actually a good song. Don’t just take my word for it though; for a taste of the potential BMTH can show at times, listen to “Fox and the Wolf” (featuring Josh Scogin of The Chariot!?) after the jump. It brings the heavy.

– JR



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