We were e-mailed this weekend by a nice young man called Erik Ebsen. Now, not to blow our own considerably girthy trumpets, but we do get a fair amount of review requests. It’s a hit and miss affair, but Erik caught our eye not least because he’s a friend of Jak Noble, AKA ReturningWeHearTheLarks. We loved his recently released EP Proud England, and so this seemed like a profitable avenue to explore.

Boy fucky is it.

Erik composes under the moniker Spiralmountain, and amongst a wave of copycat djent clones, he really does stand out. His most recent (and possibly debut?) release is Blacksand, fifty solid minutes of spine tingling instrumental ‘ambidjent’ that encompasses a number of styles and a multitude of instruments. I won’t spoil the treat by going on any further, but rest assured you need to give this at least one listen.

Check out his Soundcloud here, or just stream the whole damn thing below! Apparently there’s a Bandcamp coming soon too, should you wish to throw money at him!

Blacksand (2011) by Spiralmountain

Impressively, the whole thing was composed in less than a month, and Erik handled everything. I think it’s also worth mentioning that this is dedicated to someone who I can only assume is his father. I hope it’s not too presumptuous to say he would be very proud of you. Top stuff man.

– CG


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