The always glorious SXSW was last week, and Metalsucks were there to relay their readers less fortunate (me) details about how the event went down. In his recap of Day 1, Vince shared a bit of news on the Sumerian Records front.

First things first, Animals as Leaders:

Also of note was Tosin Abasi’s slip-up that kind of announced the band had signed with Sumerian Records after releasing just one record for Prosthetic. Tosin from the stage: “Thanks to Sumerian Records for putting this show on. [pause] We haven’t signed with Sumerian yet. [pause] Undisclosed information. [laughs]” So, expect that news to come down the official pike pretty soon.

Sweet! Animals as Leaders always just sort of made sense and I always wondered why Tosin wasn’t offered a deal in the first place, considering his previous band Reflux was with Sumerian founder Ash Avildsen. Now it seems that Tosin (and touring guitarist Javier) will be pulling double duty on Sumerian in both Animals as Leaders and TRAM. I hope the projects don’t sound too similar; that would be pretty pointless.

Anyway, on with the night. Apparently The Faceless‘ latest bassist pulled a dick move and called it quits right before the tour.

On this day they were without bassist Jared Lander, who according to guitarist/mastermind Michael Keene had quit the band the day before the tour. But you know what? If I’m being honest I did not even notice the lack of a bassist until Keene announced it.

Can these guys even keep a bassist? Something similar happened last year, so they toured for a while without one, and apparently it works for them. Hopefully they can find a new dude that wont flake in 6 months.

Keep up with Metalsucks as they recap SXSW, as I’m sure they’ve uncovered more tidbits of knowledge. Heavy Blog needs to hit it up one year. Spring 2012, you’re on watch!

– JR


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