But Gein! Devin Townsend was in Strapping Young Lad! That’s true, but 2-man band The Omega Experiment fuse the calmer vocals of Devin Townsend’s solo work and the instrumentals of SYL. Check it out:


There’s no denying the similarities. Its got the catchy chorus, the wacky instrumentals and a pretty decent thick sound. In fact, they’re so apparent I originally questioned whether they somehow got Devin to contribute to their music. Turns out it was just multi-instrumentalist Dan Wieten (who also did the guitars, drums, bass and production).

The EP is excellent and simultaneously helps soothe the wait for Townsend’s monstrous dual release [Changed the wording after some bad wording that led to some negative criticism. Sorry! -Ed.] You can get it for free from bandcamp right here.






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