Wolf! The un-google-able band! Seriously though, Legions Of Bastards is an absolute stroke of genius and I’m really looking forward to it. For those who may not have had the pleasure of hearing Wolf before, they play a self attributed style called NWOSHM (New Wave Of Swedish Heavy Metal), which to you and me is just early Iron Maiden that happens to come from Sweden. Genre semantics aside, they never fail to provide an albums worth of metal tunes that are addictively catchy and fun; just check out this hilarious video for I Will Kill Again. My Mum always told me to wear a clean pair of y-fronts and a vest just in case I get captured by a madman with a sieve for a face.


Tracklisting and a live video of new material after the jump:



Legions Of Bastards tracklisting:

01. Vicious Companions

02. Skull Crusher

03. Full Moon Possession

04. Jekyll & Hyde

05. Absinthe

06. Tales From The Crypt

07. Nocturnal Rites

08. Road To Hell

09. False Preacher

10. Hope To Die

11. K-141 Kursk


The K-141 Kursk, by the way, was a Russian submarine that tragically exploded in 2000. It was thought to be a build up of  hydrogen peroxide that ignited and blew up the submarine during a dummy torpedo firing exercise, as the sub hit the ocean bed there was another explosion, all members of the crew were killed. In between the two explosions a small group of sailors gathered and left notes in their last moments.




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