In light of  Scar Symmetry releasing a new track from their new album “The Unseen Empire”, some fans have expressed their desire to hear ex-vocalist Christian Alvestam (of Miseration and Solution .45) on vocals again. Guitarist Per Nilsson responded to comments, saying Christian was replaced because he can’t sing his clean vocals parts well enough live, among other personal reasons. Here’s an excerpt from his full statement:

“The main reason why we kicked Christian out of the band was him refusing to tour. After recording Holographic Universe, he told us that there was no way he would be able to perform most of the album live – because the melodies were to high-pitched for him and the transitions between growls and cleans too complex to reproduce live. During the tours we did with him in support of Pitch Black Progress he had a really hard time singing his parts – sure he had a few decent nights but most of the time he was waaaaay off pitch-wise, to the point where people around us, like the crew and the other bands, suggested we should have someone else sing the clean parts.


Lars and Roberth [the new vocalists replacing Alvestam] sound great live – very close to what they do on the albums. To tell you the truth, we didn’t have to use anything near as much pitch-correction in the studio with Lars than we had to with Christian. While some people might not fancy Lars’ voice, I’ve gotta tell you, he is the real deal. Sure he’s had some off nights too, especially the first shows we did with him, but he has grown a lot since joining the band. When you get to hear the new album in it’s entirety you’ll hear for yourselves the progress he’s made.”

Personally, I like both Alvestam’s voice and the new duo, but not being able to sing well live is not cool at all. Of course, this is just a statement by one person, but I am inclined to believe him.

Here’s the new song again, in case you missed it the first time it was posted:


– N.

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