Born of Osiris

The Discovery

01. Follow The Signs
02. Singularity
03. Ascension
04. Devastate
05. Recreate
06. Two Worlds Of Design
07. A Solution
08. Shaping The Masterpiece
09. Dissimulation
10. Automatic Motion
11. The Omniscient (An Interlude)
12. Last Straw
13. Regenerate
14. XIV
15. Behold

[Sumerian Records]

Contrasting to many of my peers here at HBIH, I actually enjoyed Born of Osiris‘ earlier release The New Reign. I remember upon discovery they only had a MySpace page and the biggest draw to their music was that The Faceless‘s Michael Keene was producing it. At the time, I actually likened their music to The Faceless as it had this new groove and the use of keys. Yes, believe it or not, I actually liked hearing “Fucking Bow Down.”

Admittedly, I didn’t give any listens to their second album A Higher Place upon release. It actually fell under my radar until the hype for The Discovery started building, and only then did I become interested in it.

With regard to The Discovery, let me start by saying forget everything you knew about BoO. Prior to hearing The Discovery I would play the single “The Discovery” before The New Reign and I would be completely blown away. The differences between this one album and their previous work are completely contrasting – and it’s fucking awesome.

Firstly, I personally found the vocals to be much more improved – Ronnie Canizaro is much more audible this time around. The most notable difference is their backup vocalist, Joe Buras, who takes a much more active roll in growls and some clean singing. Secondly, although this album is massive in length (clocking in at least twice the length of their previous releases), the length of the album works to their advantage, because there is not one song that I would consider filler. I’ve loved re-listening to this thing just to hear something I missed the 1st or 5th time. I also love the production on this album – much cleaner  and much crisper.

Probably most improved aspect that The Discovery brings is by far the songwriting. Even as a veteran fan of Born Of Osiris, I still hold criticism that at times previous songs were quite sloppy with their transitions. Some songs would leave me questioning why they changed the rhythm. To paraphrase Jimmy, “some songs quite simply led nowhere.” Such is not the case any longer. As Lee McKinney recently mentioned in an interview with Noisecreep, the songs are much more technical and harder to play than previous material. The song structure is improved with plenty of recurring themes to keep the listener interested all the way through. Instead of questioning the reasoning of song structure, the listener is continually trying to digest it.

Naturally, with the ameliorated songwriting, the instruments can really take the spotlight. Contrasting the older albums, The Discovery drips with tasty guitar leads and solos. “Recreate” stands out the most, enjoying a catchy and repeated lead, multiple solos, and some bouncy chugging as well. It should be no surprise that The Discovery displays many proggy and djenty rhythms throughout. The bass is also notably audible on this record- for this type of album, I can’t think of anything comparable in which I’ve heard the bass so consistently.

As I’ve mentioned, with Buras being more active, the keys are also much more prevalent. Whether it’s support, leads, or synths, Joe laces his craft perfectly throughout the album. The drums are also worth mentioning, as they help complete everything described above. The song “XIV” serves as an intro to “Behold,” and these tracks combined demonstrate the new depth and ability of this band. The intro and outro are springy, perfectly complimented with synth, key support, leads, and solos. It combines everything great found on this album into one nice neatly wrapped package.

It’s evident that Born Of Osiris are having a lot of fun playing together, and it’s like watching a great basketball team where everyone understands their position, the passing is excellent, and scoring is merely the logical outcome of the above. This is by far one of the best albums I’ve heard this year, and a musical wet dream.

Born of Osiris’s The Discovery gets:


– PC


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