Born of Osiris

The Discovery

01. Follow the Signs
02. Singularity
03. Ascension
04. Devastate
05. Recreate
06. Two Worlds Of Design
07. A Solution
08. Shaping the Masterpiece
09. Dissimulation
10. Automatic Motion
11. The Omniscient (An Interlude)
12. Last Straw
13. Regenerate
14. XIV
15. Behold

[Sumerian Records]

Forget everything you’ve ever known about Born of Osiris. All the thoughts invoked at the sound of their name about monotonous breakdowns, songs that go absolutely nowhere, and facepalm-inducing moments like the infamous “Bow Down” are no longer relevant; The Discovery marks an incredible growth for the band that has exceeded all expectations, setting Born of Osiris on a path that may take them to the forefront of this new wave of progressive metal.

Where to start with an album like this? It’s important to note that The Discovery comes close to running the length of both of their previous albums combined, yet is nowhere near as monotonous as either. Despite the fifteen song tracklist, not a single song sounds like filler. Sure, most of the riffing comes in the way of percussive chugging, but there’s much more going on than your generic deathcore guitar work; some excellent guitar solos and leads are scattered throughout The Discovery, most remarkably in the songs “Devastate” and “Dissimulation.” Many would never have thought to associate Born of Osiris with shredding guitar solos and dazzling guitar work outside of some sweeps here and there, but the work put in on The Discovery is commendable, thanks in part by new guitarist Jason Richardson.

The band has also seen a growth in their composition skills, writing actual songs with recognizable riffs and melodies that repeat throughout the song rather than packaging a collection of ideas and breakdowns into three minute jams that (nine times out of ten) never really went anywhere. Thankfully, Born of Osiris realized the importance of having hooks and repeated themes and ideas in songs to make them much more memorable. The album is also made much more cohesive with the inclusion of relatively short electronic passages and interludes, done in a similar fashion as Periphery‘s debut record, but these ideas seem more fleshed out in comparison. Fortunately, they do well to keep these moments completely serious, unlike other bands that try to combine deathcore with electronic elements—Attack Attack, specifically—who do it to an embarrassing fault.

The thing most interesting is the newfound spotlight for keys player Joe Buras, who has moved from being a backing vocalist to sharing lead vocal duties with Ronnie Canizaro. He is much more present in each of the songs, even having more vocal parts than Ronnie at times. He can also be heard testing the waters with clean vocals, singing through a vocodor on electronic short “A Solution” and hitting a scant vocal melody on “Regenerate.” On top of that, his keyboard leads have become more intricate and appear in much greater frequency. His playful synth parts often become more important than the guitar work, and he is also clearly the dominant force in the aforementioned electronic passages. He is definitely so much more than just “that guy who plays keys.” In fact, Joe is quite possibly The Discovery’s MVP.

The production is both hit and miss. While it’s not bad at all, the songs can feel a bit muddy with the barrage of low end and the drums (which I’m told sounds suspiciously like Superior Drummer) don’t have much power to them at all in the mix. It’s no small feat to mix in an environment like this—you have to make room for two vocalists, two guitarists (with the odd overdub here and there), drums, layers of synth, and a bassist. Even still, a better job could have been done to make everything more clearly audible.

I never thought I’d see the day when Born of Osiris and Protest the Hero have new albums out on the same day, with BoO being the better album of the two. The Discovery is hands down the best music that Born of Osiris have ever created. This is an excellent change of pace, and to further explore some of the ideas touched on in The Discovery would be of great benefit to Born of Osiris as they become a force to be taken seriously in progressive metal. There’s some room for growth, but it’s full speed ahead!

Born of Osiris – The Discovery gets…


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