Electronica has long been one of my favorite genres of music. In fact, you might be surprised to know that it IS my favorite genre! The tunes these artists unleash upon the musical world tend to go unnoticed, but Electronic Blog Is Electronic plans to give you a break from all the heavy action every other Sunday with a wide variety of styles. Progressive trance? Progressive house? Darkstep? I’m going to cover it. So kick back, prop your feet up and enjoy the tunes.

Its been a while since I did this so I apologize deeply to those who were interested in it. I’ve been really busy lately to the point that I haven’t even listened to some of the great albums that have been coming out recently. There was one, though, that did get its fair share of spins: Blue Stahli‘s self-titled sophomore release.

The best way to describe his music is a mix of industrial, electronic and rock music. Combining catchy hooks, thick and crunchy riffs and a great blend of high quality electronic elements, Blue Stahli’s style is memorable, energetic and impressive. Fans of the seemingly legendary Celldweller should be interested in this man, as they are very similar, though Blue Stahli takes on a much more aggressive and in-your-face approach. And to be honest, I think he is better.

This guy is fucking awesome

While he might not be the most attractive man (and let’s be honest – maybe a little too stereotypical looking for a guy in the industrial genre), his music is the magic. Unlike the previous article, Blue Stahli does have albums, albeit not very many if you read the subject line for this week’s article.

His first album is Antisleep Vol. 01 and is what got me into him a year or two ago and what ultimately made him important. Containing a whopping 18 tracks that clock in at around 40 or so minutes, Antisleep Vol. 01 reassured listeners that you can fuse many genres and still be good. The main sound throughout the album, though, is glitch-y industrial/electro synths & guitar riffs over hard beats. It is also entirely instrumental, which makes it even more impressive when you consider the fact that a lot of songs are structured with hooks in mind. The only difference is that instead of humming vocal lines, you’ll be humming the beats and sounds you hear. The best part of it all is that no track overstays its welcome as they are all each under 3 minutes. There is never too little and there is never too much. It delivers catchiness that never becomes repetitive. All that in mind, Antisleep Vol. 01‘s greatest strength is that no track ever sounds the same. One minute you’ll be listening to the glitch-y, hard rock aggressiveness of “Overclock” and the next you’ll be listening to the up tempo drum & bass/surfer guitar fusion of “Doublequick.” The ability to make each song have a signature sound isn’t something you see a lot.

Oh and I dunno if it’s just me, but when I’m playing a game with PvP in it and I’m listening to this, I like to think I’m doing better because of how fitting it sounds. Try it.

Then, on March 1st, Blue Stahli released his self-titled sophomore release.

Blue Stahli’s self-titled release marks an evolution in sound. Dropping some of the genre-blending of Antisleep Vol. 01, Blue Stahli instead brings the crunchy guitars more into the foreground and relies on more industrial rock elements. The glitch-y electronic effects are still present, but they aren’t as standout and fit more with how the song is flowing rather than creating a flow in itself. The biggest difference, though, is the inclusion of his vocals. Every song contains vocals, whether they be industrial-like, screams or singing. And god damn are they catchy. This man knows how to deliver a hook. The lyrics themselves can be a little abstract and weird at times or “emo” (if people still use that), but in the end the sound that comes out of your speakers is the treat. Still, though, much like Antisleep Vol. 01, no song sounds alike. “Give Me Everything You’ve Got” is an aggressive guitar-heavy explosion where as “Metamorphosis” is an emotional ballad track that is driven by Bret’s incredible singing. Blue Stahli is ultimately a robust evolution in sound that is full of energy, passion and emotion.

My preference is his newest album because I’m in love with his vocals and the catchiness that comes along with it, but at the end of the day they are both amazing records that accomplish similar goals yet sound different to each other and in itself.

Check out some of the tunes. As always, make sure you bump the quality for a better listening experience!



“ULTRAnumb” comes off the sophomore release and is a perfect example of the evolution in sound that occurred. I don’t know what to say other than it is so incredibly catchy. Even after the ridiculous amount of listens that I’ve given it, it is STILL catchy.



Arguably his most emotional track created, “Metamorphosis” is also incredibly catchy. It balances calm and angry with its verse and chorus that eventually turns into an amazing climax at the end that is chilling and awesome. By far my favorite Blue Stahli song.



This one comes off Antisleep Vol. 01 and is a perfect example of the glitch-y style that is prevalent throughout this album. It is the most guitar heavy song on the album so this isn’t a perfect indicator of what is to come when you check out that record, but is one of the best on it.



Another one of my favorites from Antisleep Vol. 01. Driven by its hard-hitting beat and glitch-y electro sounds, “Mystique” is a 2 minute orgasm.

If you’re interested in buying any of his music, you can do so from his label’s website. Clicky clicky!

That’s all for this week. Electronic fan or not, Blue Stahli is a musician I think many would like because of the rock/metal influences. I hope I can keep up with this, but if not you at least know the reason why. As always, criticism, comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.





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