Like us, you’re probably all too poor/have work/school, or are just not damn cool enough to go to SXSW, possibly the most important music event in the United States. Maybe we’ll get to go someday, when we’re on a level of internet famous with the likes of Metalsucks or Metal Injection, but for now we’re gonna have to make do with awesome things like this.

Yes, Equal Vision Records are putting together a live stream of ORBS‘ (Dan Briggs of Between the Buried and Me, Adam Fisher and Clayton Holyoak of Fear Before) performance from the Dirty Dog Bar TODAY(!), as part of the SXSW festivities! Bloody nice of them isn’t it?

ORBS will be on from 2PM CENTRAL TIME here, but festivities start from midday and go on until 5pm. It promises to be a blast! Asleep Next To Science was one of my favourite albums from last year, and this is a worthy addition to our Prog-Metal March celebration!

The whole line-up includes Eisley, Gatsbys American Dream, ORBS, Wild Orchid Children, This Time Next Year, and special guests, Harvard. Boy do we spoil you!

Try not to let your boss/teacher/mum catch you bunking off, though, yeah? We take absolutely no responsibility.

– CG

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