So while all of the writers here at Heavy Blog is Heavy love writing about news in the magical world of metal, a lot of us also have our own projects. You’ve heard from both Nayon and J Bobski, who have absolutely amazing projects that are right up there with top-notch releases, so I figured I should show you what I do in terms of music.

[Jimmy, Dan and Paul also have various solo and band projects – check ’em out here! CG.]

I am currently in about three to four bands in my hometown, in various genres including melodeath, post-metal, and acoustic, but my self-project goes by the name of Perfect Apex.  Basically, I don’t have a genre I stick to.  I jump around from genre to genre.  My first (and only) EP was a progressive orchestral techno effort, and it was released to wonderous critical acclaim from my friends and family, which basically means no professional acclaim. At the moment I’m working on a post-black metal EP, with one song done.

Here is a link to my electronic EP with my music below for playback:

And here is one of my post-black metal songs.  The production absolutely sucks, but I’m an amateur.  It’s basically Alcest worship.


– GR

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