Are we really three weeks deep into March? Good lord!

Last week, we decided to give away The Human Abstract‘s excellent new album Digital Veil, and you guys poured in with the answer to last week’s question. The “T” in last weeks Prog-Metal March image was Cynic’s Traced In Air (right). Only one of you could win though, and that person was Ross from Bethesda, Maryland. Thanks Ross! Keep an eye out for your copy of Digital Veil!

If you’re interested in the rest of the answers behind last week’s image, check back in an hour when Chris will reveal them before your very eyes!

This week, we up the stakes and the difficulty! To win the DVD, you have to send your full name and address to mail(@) with the subject “Prog-Metal March: Mastodon” with the answer to the following question:

What is the name of the artist and album hidden in the “R” in “PROG” in this week’s PROG-METAL MARCH image?

You have until midnight next Tuesday to enter. As always, tell your friends! We’re kicking around the idea to feature monthly giveaways, and we’d love to make it happen! More people who visit, the more money we make from advertisers—and the more we make from ads, the more we can afford to give away. Hop to it, folks!

– JR