I don’t know how this man does it. He is always working on something. Check this out straight from Facebook.

One week off from work, means music around the clock.
Wed:Trying out some vocals for a song made by Plec. Pre-producing new Solution .45 material.Press release photo-shoot with Henrik B.
Thu:Shooting the last complementary footage for the “Lethean Tears” video.
Fri – Sun:Pre-producing new Miseration material, together with Marcus.
Mon/Tue:Continue working on the new Quest Of Aidance album!

This, to my knowledge, confirms that both Miseration and Solution .45 are working on new stuff. His work ethic is insane, but when he’s my favorite vocalist in metal, I won’t complain. Hell, he could sing over some poppy electronica track and I wouldn’t give a damn. Oh wait he already did.

Alvestam fans rejoice!



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