Immediately, if you have any interest in the melo death scene, you should recognize the man on the far right. If you don’t, shame on you! It’s Christian fucking Alvestam! You might be thinking, “god damnit not another melo death release with him doing the vocals” but do not fear. He only contributes partially to vocals and they’re all his behemoth growls. He’s one of the guitarists in a line up composed of great musicians. They fit the agenda of a supergroup pretty well, containing members from Satariel, Unmoored and of course, all of Christian’s current projects.

So, what music do they play? If you’ve come to read my articles or just my opinion on things, you might know that I am really not big on black metal. I dig very few and they’re almost all fusions of multiple genres. Torchbearer is no different. Their style is death metal with some melo-death and black metal, the latter of which leaks mostly through Pär Johansson’s raspy growls.

Strangely, I was never a fan of this band until recently. They didn’t play bad music; they just played stuff that didn’t really catch my ear. The sudden change in taste is because of their new album Death Meditations which is set to drop April 25th. It’s their first album in about 5 years and they’ve come back with a bang for sure. Chalk full of incredible guitar work and immense brutality that hits like a truck, this dark release has been reassuring me that a band is never out for the count.

Check out the song “At Takao River” from Death Meditations:


It’s a slow, doom metal track laced with minimal synths and monstrous vocals. The real highlight here, though, is the guitar solo. It’s masterful & uplifting. Truthfully, it’s 90% of the reason I keep coming back to the song.

In my opinion, skip their previous music and check out this awesome record when it drops. It came out of nowhere for me and I’m very happy I gave this band another chance. It’s definitely making April seem to be the best month so far, with Last Chance To Reason and Between the Buried and Me releasing new stuff.






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