Oh for fuck’s sake, why couldn’t we have just traded Job For A Cowboy in with Animals as Leaders for our BTBAM/JFAC/The Ocean trek in North America? Europe gets all the breaks, I tell you!

Here are the dates, as tipped off by Got-Djent.

Sept 02 – Paris, France
Sept 03 – Zurich, Switzerland
Sept 04 – Munich, Germany
Sept 06 – Rome, Italy
Sept 07 – Pinarella di Cervia, Italy
Sept 09 – Istanbul, Turkey
Sept 10 – Tel Aviv, Israel
Sept 11 – Bratislava, Slovakia
Sept 12 – Vienna, Austria
Sept 13 – Prague, Czech Republic
Sept 14 – Berlin, Germany
Sept 15 – Hamburg, Germany
Sept 16 – Amsterdam, Holland
Sept 17 – Cologne, Germany
Sept 18 – Antwerp, Belgium
Sept 20 & 21 – London, England

Delicious. I’m sure Chris is salivating over it at this very moment. September—so close, yet so far away.

But you know what’s even closer and not as far away? April 14th, which is when Between the Buried and Me drop their new EP The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues on Metal Blade. Frankly, I’m tired of reminding you, as it should ingrained in your memory by now!

– JR


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